University of Santo Tomas High School

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University of Santo Tomas
High School
UST High School.png
Benavides Building, UST, Sampaloc, Manila
Motto Veritas
Established 6 June 1928
Principal Assoc. Prof. Marishirl P. Tropicales, M.A.
Asst. Principal Senior Teacher Imelda Paula S. Rosales, M.A.
Regent Rev. Fr. Jannel N. Abogado, OP
Color(s) Gold, black, and white
Mascot Tiger Cubs
Newspaper The Aquinian
Yearbook Veritas

The University of Santo Tomas High School (UST High School, USTHS, UST Pay High), established on June 6, 1928, is the high school department of the University of Santo Tomas (UST), located at Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines. This school has 4 years of high school, starting from 1st to 4th year high school. Also, all Senior Students undergo a Citizenship Advancement Training.

The Benavides Building, which houses the UST High School


"Committed to Truth; Enkindled by Charity"

The slogan was just created in 2008 in line with the accreditation. The meaning of the slogan has supposedly been discussed by the students' respective class advisers in line with the accreditation.

Another slogan can be seen all around the halls of the school. This was taken from an unacknowledged source.

"Be honest even if others are not, be honest even if others cannot, be honest even if others will not."

Curricular Program[edit]

The UST High School offers courses as mandated by the Department of Education on the Basic Education Curriculum. Integration and addition of certain courses are on the testing stage in line with the first ever accreditation attempt of the High School for its 80 years of existence. The courses offered per year level follow.

Courses for the Grade 7
  • Filipino 7 - Ibong Adarna and Retorika at Balarila
  • English 7 - Philippine Literature and Grammar & Composition
  • Math 7
    • Elementary Algebra
    • Intermediate Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Statistics
  • Science 7
    • General Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Earth Science
  • Christian Living 7 - Old and New Testaments
  • Makabayan 7
    • Araling Panlipunan (AP) - Philippine History
    • Musika at Sining (MS) - Introduction to Music Concepts
    • Edukasyong Pangkatawan at Pangkalusugan (EPP)
    • Teknolohiya, Edukasyon Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (TEPP) - Electricity and Drafting
  • Homeroom
Courses for the Grade 8
  • Filipino II - Florante at Laura and Retorika at Balarila
  • English II - Afro-Asian Literature and Grammar & Composition
  • Math 8
    • Elementary Algebra
    • Intermediate Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Statistics and Probability
  • Science 8
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Earth Science
  • Christian Living II - Roman Catholic Church and Sacraments
  • Araling Panlipunan (AP) - Asian History
  • Musika at Sining (MS) - Philippine and Asian Music
  • Edukasyong Pangkatawan at Pangkalusugan (EPP)
  • Teknolohiya, Edukasyon Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (TEPP)
    • Computer History, Microsoft Office Basics, and HTML Basics
    • Cooking
  • Homeroom
Courses for the Third Year Level
  • Filipino III - Noli Me Tangere and Retorika at Balarila
  • English III - Anglo- American Literature and Grammar & Composition
  • Math III - Advanced Algebra and Geometry
  • Science III - Chemistry
  • Christian Living III - Christian Ethics and Morality
  • Makabayan III
    • Araling Panlipunan (AP) - World History
    • Musika at Sining (MS) - African and Asian Music
    • Edukasyong Pangkatawan at Pangkalusugan (EPP)
    • Teknolohiya, Edukasyon Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (TEPP) - HTML, PHP, and Adobe Flash
  • Homeroom
Courses for the Fourth Year Level
  • Filipino IV - El Filibusterismo and Retorika at Balarila
  • English IV - World Literature
  • Math IV - Trigonometry and Calculus
  • Science IV - Physics
  • Christian Living IV - Social Issues
  • Makabayan IV
    • Araling Panlipunan (AP) - Economics
    • Musika at Sining (MS) - World Music
    • Edukasyong Pangkatawan at Pangkalusugan (EPP)
    • Teknolohiya, Edukasyon Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (TEPP) - Adobe Flash and Visual Basic
    • Citizenship Advancement Training
  • Homeroom

Co-curricular Program[edit]

The co-curricular program of the High School covers matters regarding clubs and organizations. All the students are required to join one club of their interest and choice. Students can join two or more clubs but there has always been problems and conflicts about this matter regarding competency to multi-task in the clubs and organizations these students have joined.A scheme for grading honors students of the third and fourth year levels has been continuously used as a wayto determine the awardees for graduation. The total grade of honors students is composed of 70% on academics while 30% on co-curricular. For those who are not vying for honors, they get an equivalent letter rating from the club with which they are in. This grade is shown in their report cards. This is also done for the honor students but the scheme mentioned is being used.

There are 30 recognized clubs and organizations in the High School.

  • Student Council
  • Speech Club
  • Association of Students for Academic Competition
  • Math Club
  • Natural Science Club
  • Young Scientists' Club
  • English Forum
  • Samahang Kulturang Filipino
  • Social Studies Circle
  • Young Community Stewards
  • Liturgical Ministry
  • Dominican Network
  • Student Catholic Action
  • UST CAT Golden Corps of Cadets
    • UST CAT Cadet Officers
    • Honorary Corps of Sponsors and Escorts
  • Arts and Crafts Club (formerly TASC)
  • Culinary Arts Club
  • Music Society
    • Glee Club
    • Music Ensemble
  • Golden Scouts
  • Cultural Dance Troupe
  • Pep Squad
  • Athletics Club
  • Digital Arts Club
  • Drama Guild
  • The Aquinian (Official Student Publication)
  • Readers' Club
  • Dialektikos (Varsity Debate Team)
  • Peer Facilitators Club
  • Young Entrepreneurs Club

These clubs and organizations have officers from the third and fourth year levels appointed before the summer of the incoming school year. Students may join during the Club Exposition. The members of each club shall attend the monthly Club Day of their chosen club.

View from the Quadricentennial Park

Parents' Association[edit]

The Parents' Association is composed of all the parents of the students of the high school headed by a group of officers and class representatives chosen by fellow parents. The association has been very active in promoting a good teacher-parent relationship through its various activities and contests. Most of which are held during selected Sundays of each quarter. The association's main thrust is for the transparency of the school regarding matters affecting the students.

Alumni Association[edit]

The Alumni Association is headed by a set of officers with the main thrust of going over through matters concerning the alumni of the school. The Alumni Association has been a laudable stakeholder of the school for their contributions for the school at present.


The UAAP was founded in 1938 by the University of Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University and National University (Philippines). Now, the sports organization includes Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, Adamson University, and the University of the East.

UST Host School[edit]

The University of Santo Tomas was the Host School for the UAAP Season 70. Fr. Ermito de Sagon, O.P., Director of the UST Institute of Physical Education and Athletics and President of UAAP Season 70 lead the UAAP organizers, members and fans from the eight institution members in the various events which were held in various venues during the season.

General Champion[edit]

The UST Juniors Division (USTHS) held the General Championship Title last UAAP Season 74, winning various sports titles in taekwondo, swimming, etc. UST Juniors division holds 14 General Championship trophies all in all since 1986.


The facilities of the UST High School include:

  • USTHS Library
  • USTHS PE Room
  • USTHS 2 Audio-visual Rooms
  • USTHS Benavides Auditorium
  • USTHS Air-conditioned Canteen
  • USTHS Multi-Purpose Room
  • USTHS Prayer Room
  • USTHS Music Room
  • USTHS Drafting Room
  • USTHS Computer Rooms (3) with Internet service
  • USTHS Physics and Chemistry Laboratories
  • Air-conditioned classrooms with two (2) ceiling Fans, white boards, bulletin boards, blackboards, LCD Projectors, speakers and podiums
  • Livelihood Education Function Rooms
  • Student Council Office
  • UST CAT Headquarters
  • The Aquinian Publishing Room/Office

Likewise, the school provides the students with guidance and counseling and spiritual consultation. The faculty staff is available for academic consultation to the students and parents at designated dates and hours in the Faculty/Conference Room.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Eula Valdez - actress
  • Jamie Rivera - singer
  • Jose Wendell Capili - awardwinning writer and academic, Professor, Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs and Director of Alumni Relations, University of the Philippines
  • J. Neil Garcia - awardwinning writer and academic, Professor and UP Press Director, University of the Philippines
  • Jun Lana - prizewinning playwright, screenwriter (Jose Rizal), and headwriter, GMA Channel 7, Batch 1988
  • Bino Realuyo - New York-based poet and novelist
  • Cyrus Baguio - Powerade Team Pilipinas consistent performer