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is currently the Australian Collaboration of the Fortnight selected article.

Recent collaborations: Brown Mountain forest · Howard Government · Field day · Tirari Desert · Murrumbidgee River

About Me[edit]

Well, my name is Garrie Irons. No, I'm not related to the Jeremy Irons you are thinking of. But please, can I have his pocket money? I'm a network manager residing in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I enjoy reading science fiction when I get the time but I am spending too much time currently looking after kids. I am quite interested in VERY LOCALISED history - including family history and the history of where I have lived and the groups I have been a member of.


I support Wikipedia:Speedy deletion criterion for unsourced articles.

I am participate in the Notability Sorting Drive. We need your help... join now!

If an article topic has no reliable, third-party sources, Wikipedia should not have an article on it.

Shopping Centres[edit]

I am a member of WikiProject Shopping Centers: We need YOU! Join here...

Please see my suggestion that All Westfields are the same, and my proposed new article, Westfields in Australia. While I still feel there are too many articles on individual shopping centres I understand that many people like things that way. So I'm no longer pushing to merge any but if anyone else comes up with that theory I'd be more than interested.

If you're writing about your local shopping centre, please, do it well, and reference it just as you would anything else.

Useful Quotes[edit]