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About me[edit]

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Having started editing Wikipedia anonymously on 1 June 2005, and figured out a week later that it would be more fun to get a user name so I could keep score of my contributions. My first edit under this identity was on 8 June 2005 — 9 years, 9 months and 21 days ago.

Since joining the Wikipedia community, I have honed my graphics skills with GIMP and Inkscape, and have been able to contribute original works here and at Wikimedia Commons, as well as rework and improve submissions made by others. I've been programming computers since 1971, an electrical engineer since 1977, occasional flier of light airplanes and helicopters, appreciate the original "longhair" music (classical), and dabble in film and digital photography.

In case you're wondering, hydrargyrum is Latinized Greek for the metallic element known as mercury, or colloquially, quicksilver. It is called Quecksilber in German and dzīvsudrabs in Latvian. It is element number 80 with the symbol Hg on the Periodic Table of the Elements.
 — QuicksilverT @ 16:46, 26 November 2013 (UTC)

Notice: I hereby explicitly grant permission to move or copy to the Wikimedia Commons  any original images that I have uploaded to Wikipedia under license {{cc-sa}} or {{cc-by-sa}}.

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