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About me
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I mostly fix typos, grammar problems, and technical errors in citations.

If you're ever wondering whether I will feel bad that you're changing an edit of mine, don't worry. I don't take anything that happens on Wikipedia personally. I have much bigger fish to fry. Or, as Merlin Mann says: "Sorry. I don't argue on the internet."

I am a member and Lead Coordinator of the Guild of Copy Editors and participate in their monthly editing drives and blitzes.

I can't believe that searching for Wookieelink in Wikipedia shows zero results.

I eliminated most of the errors from the 8,000+ articles that made their way into Category:Pages with citations having wikilinks embedded in URL titles since it was created in April 2013. (Done in September 2013.)

Useful links and tools that I always forget how to use.

Articles I have created[edit]

The first article I created was the List of mayors of Eugene, Oregon. FWIW.

I also created an article for the Indigo Girls' album called Rarities.