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Northernhenge is mainly a WikiGnome and thinks he's been here for quite a while. His main interest is how the value of the information contained in Wikipedia – features that make it better than other encyclopaedias – can be maintained and he believes that this is supported by wikilinks and categories. He is probably guilty of overlinking, may tend to be an inclusionist regarding categories, and was a bit disappointed when date linking was dropped. He certainly needs to know more about Wikidata.


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Northernhenge is making more of an effort to take policies and guidelines into account though this is not his natural inclination. He might sometimes refer to Biographies of living persons, Neutral point of view, No original research, Verifiability and What Wikipedia is not. He always intends to leave edit summaries but doesn't always do so. He is particularly negligent with minor edits and talkpage edits. He probably imagines that editors read their own talkpages in any case and that minor edits are self-explanatory but that's not really an excuse.

What's not to like?[edit]

Ownership of articles is a tricky one. We need enthusiasts but editing an "owned" article can be frustrating and drive editors away from the page and maybe Wikipedia itself. But how many articles would not exist if it wasn't for their !owners? CLANNAD and Yodeling have probably illustrated both sides of the argument at one time or another. And don't get me started on the whole Wiki Loves Monuments fiasco.


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