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About me

When I have the time I like to create, expand and copyedit articles on a range of topics, and enjoy learning about new stuff along the way. Some of my article contributions are listed here.

I also indulge in anti-vandalism work and the removal of spam and irredeemably unencyclopaedic articles, and enjoy learning a little more about human behaviour thereby. Details of my commitment to Wikipedia as an administrator are here.

The Signpost
29 April 2015
Admins can help with: Entries
Attack pages 0
Requests for unblock 11
Protected edit requests 5
Copyvios for speedy deletion 4
Candidates for speedy deletion 41
   –User requested 2
   –Empty pages 2
   –Nonsense pages 1
   –Spam pages 14
   –Notability not asserted 14
   –Contested candidates 0
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If anyone is interested, I look more like the one on the right.
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