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Whiteknox = combination of George Whitefield and John Knox. As you may guess from my namesakes, my belief in Jesus Christ as perfectly revealed in the Scriptures is the foundation of everything I do in life and every view I hold. For example, I believe in salvation by faith alone in Christ, the foundation. I can't begin to describe how much I adore God's diamond doctrines; they are all perfect.

NO RELATION to Mayor Knox White of the city Greenville, SC. The similarity is totally coincidental.

The bulk of my work in Wikipedia is to try to better pages when I see errors or suboptimal word choice. I try to give back to Wikipedia since Wikipedia has made available such a large source of information to me for free. Most of my contributions are in mathematics or computer science pages. The generous nature of Wikipedia excites me, and I wonder what new developments may take place in the future with this technology.

I am extremely interested in mathematics, tetration and other kinds of extension in particular.

Needless to say, my edits are focused on making Wikipedia a better encyclopedia and do not necessarily mean that I fully endorse a topic. Specifically changes to Quiverfull do not mean that I endorse this position, although I do believe that a neglected yet important purpose of marriage is the rearing of children, and therefore, in general, people should have many children in marriage. There are few aspects of life more noble than raising children in a legitimate marriage, and that should certainly be given priority over some of the comforts of life in almost every case. Certainly the Great God of the Bible in His wisdom has a different plan for everybody, and it is indeed not God's will that everyone should be married.

Pages I am working on[edit]


Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield A. A. Hodge Charles Hodge

Pages I watch fairly closely[edit]

Bob Jones University Liquid Crystal Displays -- for some reason this article has been experiencing a lot of vandalism



  1. Find more references on Warfield:
    1. Look up B B Warfield in David Beale's "Pursuit of Purity" to see if it has any references to him.
    2. Search the internet for references to Warfield.
  2. Reorganize the article, especially the "Early Life" part (see Talk