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Star Wars[edit]

Sorry for my temper. I just know deep down inside that the truth sides with me. Although it may be a while before I can come up with the correct sources to shine light on the subject. I'll come back in about a year to the matter possibly, maybe then will I have the right stuff to challenge the consensus. Sorry, again. Eric - Contact me please. I prefer conversations started on my talk page if the subject is changed 20:07, 15 February 2015 (UTC)

@Kamek98: I know your heart is in the right place man. I know you're just trying to make the project as accurate as possible. But you really should just leave the issue as it lies. After this current nomination, the pages will have been closed three times with strong consensus each time not to move. That kind of solid consensus will not magically change in the next year, regardless of what kind of evidence you bring to the table. Especially if it is you bringing the nomination again. You have an infinitely better chance of finding yourself at AN/I than you do of getting consensus to move the pages. You need to recognize that even though you absolutely 100% believe you are right in that the expanded names are the correct ones for the article, the community does not. When I asked you to drop the issue, I really meant to drop it. You are not going to win this one; not now, not in a year. I'm not trying to gloat, I'm trying to get you to see the situation as it is. As far as the community is concerned, the issue has been put to bed. As far as your temper, no harm done. Deadbeef 21:51, 15 February 2015 (UTC)
I am sorry to continue to pursue this subject. But I am still making evidence/arguments located here. Is my argument/evidence being done more correctly here than I presented at the nomination? Thanks. Eric - Contact me please. I prefer conversations started on my talk page if the subject is changed 01:15, 19 February 2015 (UTC)
Eric, in all the WP pages you discuss, you have one glaring omission. You seem like you have a bottomless pit of time to spend researching the common name, which is great, but somewhat unique to you. Most people who came to the nomination, including myself, went through this train of thought: The requested page move was proposed three months ago. It was closed decisively. It was the second time it had been proposed and closed decisively. Some new kid is proposing the exact same change yet again with three more tacked on. They look like they're arguing COMMONNAME in a rather WP:WIKILAWYERish manner. They seem not to care that this is a well put-to-bed issue, and the whole damn thing looks like a farce. Oppose.
I didn't look through your page because the issue has been decided. It's done. Maybe you're right, maybe you're not. But you seem rather unaware that WP:IDIDNTHEARTHAT is a thing. The page has been nominated three times. The desire to move has been a far minority three times. If you had proposed your charts and whatnot the first time I doubt it would have passed because—well come on, man. I have no clue why on earth the previous consensuses decided to move these pages to what they are now. People claimed that nobody says "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" and rather instead say "Star Wars". That's just really odd to claim. It's all just so ex post facto and ignoring the well-established consensus that you were never going to change any minds. No one is interested in arguing it at this point. Not now, not in a year, probably not for several. I'm asking you to please. Please, drop the stick. It's a waste of your time to draw up giant user subpages devoted to explaining why you think you were right in a single page-move discussion. I'll quote part of it here as I'm pretty sure you will never read it: If the debate died a natural death – let it remain dead. It is over, let it go. Nobody cares anymore. Hard to stomach, but you're going to have to live with it. If you reply here again, it will be ignored. Deadbeef 02:29, 19 February 2015 (UTC)
I care. If they cite COMMONNAME and I can prove that per COMMONNAME that I was in fact right, I see no problem in eventually bringing it up again. . Not anytime soon, at least, I will drop the stick right now. However, I'll pick it back up when I HAVE the evidence to prove otherwise. If you read my subpage you'll see that I have evidence already that NEARLY PROVES I was right all along... Since 1999, all English corpuses (based on ngrams) have declined the usage of the mere "Empire Strikes Back" title etc, and "Star Wars Episode V" etc have been on an increase in two English corpuses, specifically American English and standard English corpus. Ignore me. Go ahead. I can't FORCE (no pun intended) you to realize the debate did not die a natural death, it was murdered and the investigation must continue in my eyes. Rome wasn't built in a day. Eric - Contact me please. I prefer conversations started on my talk page if the subject is changed 05:57, 19 February 2015 (UTC)

Congrats... You have joined a team of awesome helpers![edit]

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GOCE March newsletter[edit]

Guild of Copy Editors March 2015 Newsletter
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Blitz: Thanks to everyone who participated in the February Blitz. Of the 21 people who signed up, eight copyedited at least one article. Final results, including barnstars awarded, are available here.

Progress report: The blitz removed 16 articles from the requests list, and we're almost done with December 2014. Many thanks, everyone!

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Formal apology[edit]

I have come to realize my actions were disruptive and unprofessional; my actions were uncalled for and too soon. They were good-willed but unnecessary and tedious — possibly even dickish — and I'm sorry. I do realize nobody is going to be left thinking the official title is Star Wars and even if they do, it doesn't matter. I need to let it go for now. Possibly a long time. Like maybe even three-movies worth a long time.

Anyways, we got off to the wrong foot. This should have not forced me to "retire" although I did not. It should not be a reason for me to leave the community because it is downright silly.

I'm sorry. I hope you understand why I was so uneasy about this. I'm not the Jedi I should be But I hope more that you can forgive me and not look at me as a mischievous editor due to this. Everything I do, I do in an attempt to help. And I think I may have gone about it incorrectly. Screw it, I did it incorrectly.

Anyways, I'm sorry. Eric - Contact me please. I prefer conversations started on my talk page if the subject is changed 23:12, 19 March 2015 (UTC)

@Kamek98: No need to apologize and nothing to forgive; everyone has things from time to time where you get too involved to see the forest for the trees. Everyone has their own idea about what's right and a lot of those ideas conflict. I hope you understand that nothing I did was personal and never thought poorly of you personally or took your actions personally myself. I hope you stay on the project; looking through the rest of your contribs, you look like a good, productive editor who would be an asset to the site. Thanks for leaving a note here. We had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh... everything’s perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here now, thank you. Deadbeef 20:11, 20 March 2015 (UTC)
LUKE, WE'RE GONNA HAVE COMPANY! Eric - Contact me please. I prefer conversations started on my talk page if the subject is changed 20:26, 20 March 2015 (UTC)