Uusi Suomi

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For the Canadian district, see New Finland, Saskatchewan.
Uusi Suomi
Type Daily newspaper
Format tabloid
Editor Jarmo Virmavirta (1990–1991)
Founded 1919 (1847 as Suometar)
Ceased publication November 29, 1991
ISSN 0355-5461
Official website -

Uusi Suomi (Finnish for The New Finland) was a Finnish daily newspaper, which was published from 1919 to 1991.

On May 25, 2007, it was announced that the Finnish company Nikotiimi had purchased the rights to the name "Uusi Suomi" from Alma Media and would start an online newspaper bearing that name in the fall of 2007.[1]


Uusi Suomi was the continuation of the earlier Finnish newspapers Suometar (1847–1866) and Uusi Suometar (1869–1919). The first Suometar newspaper was primarily concerned with pursuing issues and concerns relating to the Finnish population; its successor Uusi Suometar represented closely related Fennoman views.

From its foundation in 1919 to 1976, Uusi Suomi was the official newspaper of the conservative Finnish National Coalition Party, and independently conservative after 1976.

Towards the end of the 1980s the newspaper was struggling with financial difficulties, ultimately leading to its demise. The last edition of Uusi Suomi was published on November 29, 1991.

The Finnish tabloid Iltalehti can be considered Uusi Suomi's spiritual successor; Iltalehti began publication in 1980 as the afternoon edition of Uusi Suomi.



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