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Later portrait in the cloister of the church of Florence in Florence.

Vicedomino de Vicedominis[1] (c. 1210 - September 6, 1276) was an Italian cardinal.


Born at Piacenza, he was the cardinal-nephew of Pope Gregory X, his cousin who elevated him on June 3, 1273. From 1257 until 1273 he was archbishop of Aix, then cardinal-bishop of Palestrina.[2] He possibly became dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals in July 1275.[3]

According to the later accounts, attested for the first time in the 17th century, in the papal election held after the death of Pope Adrian V he was elected to the papacy on September 5, 1276 and took the name Gregory XI, but having died the following day early in the morning, his election is not recorded as he was never proclaimed.[4] Credibility of this story is contested by modern historians as unsupported by any contemporary source.[5]

The remains of his tomb are in the church of San Francesco at Viterbo.

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