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Color-enhanced USGS satellite image of Washington, DC, taken April 26, 2002. The "crosshairs" in the image mark the quadrant divisions of Washington, with the U.S. Capitol at the center of the dividing lines. To the west of the Capitol extends the National Mall, visible as a slight green band in the image. The Northwest quadrant is the largest, located north of the Mall and west of North Capitol Street.

Northeast (NE or N.E.) is the northeastern quadrant of Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, and is located north of East Capitol Street and east of North Capitol Street. Northeast neighborhoods include Brentwood, Brookland, Ivy City, Marshall Heights, Pleasant Hill, Stanton Park, Trinidad, Michigan Park, Riggs Park, Fort Totten, Fort Lincoln, Edgewood, Deanwood, Kenilworth, and Woodridge, as well as much of Capitol Hill. The population of Northeast is predominantly African-American, particularly east of the Anacostia River.

It is also home to a large number of small Catholic institutions, mostly in the Brookland neighborhood, including The Catholic University of America, St. Anselm's Abbey School, Trinity University, the Franciscan Monastery, Whitefriars Hall, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, and the headquarters of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Two large public gardens are located below the waistline of the Anacostia River in Northeast: the United States National Arboretum and Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Other important sites in the quadrant include the ruins of several Civil War-era forts and Gallaudet University.

Politically, Northeast includes most of Ward 5, much of Wards 6 and 7, and parts of Ward 4.

It is accessible via the Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Lines of the Washington Metro. Union Station is served by the MARC and Virginia Railway Express commuter rail systems, as well as by Amtrak. The Greyhound Bus Terminal in the Union Station parking garage is served by Greyhound, Peter Pan, Trailways, and other bus companies.

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