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Wazmo Nariz

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Wazmo Nariz (born Larry Grennan in Chicago, Illinois) was a quirky new wave singer and songwriter. His first success came with an independent single, "Tele-tele-telephone" which was recorded and released on the independent Chicago label Fiction Records in 1978. The single was picked up and was one of Stiff Records' early releases in the UK. They released an EP the next year and I.R.S. Records founder Miles Copeland III signed Wazmo and his band to Illegal Records/I.R.S. The signing resulted in the full-length LP Things Aren't Right and featured the single "Checking Out The Checkout Girl" which received some airplay around the Midwestern U.S. Further success was limited and there were no other Illegal Records/I.R.S. releases for Wazmo Nariz.

Wazmo Nariz's next recording was the Big Records release Tell Me How To Live. The album cover was designed by Rick Landerman, who also designed logos and posters for him. Again, success was limited and five years went by before another recording was released, this time a 12" single "Yahoo Eeeee".

Wazmo has worked with Stan Ridgway under his real name, Larry Grennan, along with his drummer Bruce Zelesnik. Zelesnik performed as a permanent member of Stan's band starting in 2002.

Nariz's trademark was his tendency to wear two neckties side by side.

Wazmo Nariz band members:

  • Jeff Hill - Guitar and backing vocals
  • Bruce Zelesnik - Drums
  • Jeff Boynton - Keyboards
  • James E.McGreevy III - Bass


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Wazmo Nariz