West Crater

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West Crater
West Crater LeeSiebert 107020.jpg
Elevation 4,360 ft (1,330 m)
Location Skamania County, Washington, U.S.
Range Cascade Range
Coordinates 45°52′26″N 122°05′01″W / 45.8740030°N 122.0836985°W / 45.8740030; -122.0836985Coordinates: 45°52′26″N 122°05′01″W / 45.8740030°N 122.0836985°W / 45.8740030; -122.0836985[1]
Topo map Lookout Mountain
Type lava dome
Age of rock Holocene
Volcanic arc Cascade Volcanic Arc
Last eruption 5750 BCE (?)

West Crater is a small andesitic lava dome with associated lava flows in southern Washington, USA.[2]

West Crater is a little-known Quaternary volcanic field in the southern Cascades of Washington between Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood. West Crater itself, seen here from the NE, is an andesitic dome with two small lava flows, one of which forms the bare area at the right center. The 290-m-high dome was formed about 8060 years ago on the floor of a cirque carved into older Tertiary volcanic rocks. The West Crater volcanic field consists of a series of small shield volcanoes and cinder cones along a NW-SE zone.

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