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The Teahouse is a unique place, and as a Teahouse host, there are certain expectations that you should think about when welcoming and working with new editors.

  1. Welcome everyone with a friendly hello when you answer questions or greet new guests.
  2. Be polite and patient with all editors who visit the Teahouse.
  3. Keep it simple. Explain as much as possible, as simply as possible, to new editors when answering questions. (Don't use wiki jargon!)
  4. Avoid over-linking when responding to questions. Wikipedia policies, procedures, and documentation are overwhelming to many editors. Do your best to explain processes and policies and answer the guest's particular question rather than pointing them to more documentation as a first resort.
  5. Leave a talkback notification on the guest's userpage after answering a new question, to let the guest know you responded. (Find the script here!)