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The wildcat (Felis silvestris) is a small cat native to Europe, the western part of Asia, and Africa.

Wildcat or wild cat may also refer to:


  • Bobcat (Lynx rufus), ranges from southern Canada to northern Mexico, including most of the continental United States
  • Canadian Lynx (Lynx canadensis), native to Canada, Alaska as well as some parts of the lower 48 United States
  • Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx), native to European and Siberian forests
  • Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus), native to the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe
  • Any wild felid


Comic books and comic strips[edit]




Other uses[edit]


  • Wildcat banking, the unusual practices of banks chartered under state law from 1816 to 1863 in the United States
  • Wildcat strike action, a strike action of workers that is not authorized by union leadership
  • Wildcatter, a person who drills for oil in areas not yet known to have oil fields
  • Wildcat drilling, a petroleum exploration well; see McCamey, Texas


  • Wild Cat (Seminole) (c. 1807/1810-1857), Native American Seminole chiefain who was active in the Second Seminole War
  • Wildcat Wilson (1901-1963), American college football player
  • "Wildcat", ring name of Robbie Brookside (born 1966), British professional wrestler and trainer
  • "Wildcat", early stage name of Cara Fawn (born 1978), exotic dancer and pornographic actress
  • "Wildcat", ring name of Chris Harris (wrestler) (born 1973), American professional wrestler


In the United States[edit]

Outer space[edit]



United States[edit]


  • Edmonton Wildcats, a Canadian football team based in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Hamilton Wildcats (Canadian football), a defunct team based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Hamilton Wildcats, an amateur Australian rules football club based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • London Wildcats (1994-1995), a professional ice hockey team in the Colonial Hockey League, moved to Dayton, Ohio and renamed
  • Moncton Wildcats, a franchise in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, based in Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Monkton Wildcats, a WOAA Senior Hockey League hockey team based in Monkton, Ontario
  • Northern Wildcats (1998-2002), a Canadian Junior ice hockey team based in Longlac, Ontario
  • St. Thomas Wildcats (1991-1993), a professional ice hockey team in the Colonial Hockey League, relocated and renamed the London Wildcats (see above)
  • Valley Wildcats, a junior ice hockey franchise from the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia

United Kingdom[edit]



In the military[edit]

  • F4F Wildcat, an American, World War II era fighter plane
  • AgustaWestland AW159, the Wildcat naval and utility helicopter, to be introduced into UK military service from 2014
  • USS Wildcat, four United States Navy ships named Wild Cat or Wildcat
  • Wildcat APC, an armoured personnel carrier used in Israel


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