Wolf Heinrich Graf von Baudissin

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Memorial marker at Trinitatis graveyard in Dresden

Wolf Heinrich Friedrich Karl Graf von Baudissin (30 January 1789 – 4 April 1878) was a German diplomat, writer, and translator.

Born in Rantzau, Holstein, in 1810 Baudissin entered the diplomatic service of the Danish government serving as secretary of legation successively in Stockholm, Vienna, and Paris. After 1827, he lived and worked in Dresden. There he collaborated on translations of William Shakespeare with August Wilhelm Schlegel, Ludwig Tieck and Dorothea Tieck. Independently, he translated Molière, Carlo Goldoni, Carlo Gozzi, and others.



Regarding personal names: Graf was a title, translated as Count, not a first or middle name. Before 1919 preceding the first name, former titles are with people alive after 1919 dependent parts of the surname, thus preceding the main surname and not to be translated. The female form is Gräfin.


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