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Zuska's disease (also known as lactiferous fistula, subareolar abscess, periductal mastitis,[1][2] and Zuska–Atkins disease[3]) is a rare recurrent condition characterized by draining abscesses around the nipple. Smoking is a predisposing factor. It can mimic carcinoma of breast and is often misdiagnosed and mistreated, occasionally resulting in unnecessary mastectomy. Symptoms include swelling or subareolar mass, a draining fistula from behind the areola, nipple retraction, thick discharge from the nipple, or painful discharge.[1] It is treated by antibiotics and surgical excision of breast.[4]

The definitive therapy involved excision of the fistula and all of the retroareolar fibroglandular tissue, along with ductal tissue within the nipple.[5]

It was characterized by Joseph Zuska in 1951.[6]

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