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Telephone numbers in Ascension Island

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Country Code: +247
International Call Prefix: 00

Ascension Island does not share the same country code (+290) with the rest of St Helena.

Calling formats


To call in Ascension Island, the following format is used:

yxxxx Calls inside Ascension Island

+247 yxxxx Calls from outside Ascension Island

Ascension Island numbering plan


According to ITU Communication of 08.V.2015, Sure South Atlantic Limited, Jamestown, announced the following update to the numbering plan for Ascension.

The length of geographical numbers increased from four (4) to five (5) digits and prefixed with the number "6".

The 4XXXX range reserved for mobile services.

The change to five-digit numbering to be implemented on 1 June 2015.

Numbering plan (effective from 1 June 2015)[1]
Area Format of New Subscriber Number Remarks
1XXXXX 2 Non-geographic
4XXXX 1 Mobile services
US Base 62XXX 1 Geographic
Travellers Hill & Airhead 63XXX 1 Geographic
Two Boats 64XXX 1 Geographic
50XXXX-59XXXX Non-geographic
Georgetown 66XXX 1 Geographic
Georgetown 67XXX 1 Geographic
8XXXXX 2 Non–geographic
9XXXXX 2 Non-geographic
0XXXXX 2 Non-geographic

1: New 5-digit numbering

2: 6-digit numbering

Numbering plan (before 1 June 2015) 
Format of subscriber number Area Remarks
10XX - 19XX Georgetown Operator Services
50XX - 59XX Special Services
60XX - 69XX Telephone Services
70XX - 79XX Spare
80XX - 89XX Special Services
90XX - 99XX Special Services
30XX - 35XX Travellers Hill Telephone Services
36XX - 39XX Spare
40XX - 43XX Two Boats Special Services
44XX - 46XX Telephone Services
47XX - 49XX Special Services
20XX - 29XX U.S. Base Telephone Services

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