Telephone numbers in Uzbekistan

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Telephone numbers in Uzbekistan
NSN length9[1]
Format+998 BC XXXXXXX
Access codes
Country code+998
International access00

The Uzbek telephone numbering plan describes the allocation of telephone numbers in Uzbekistan.


Phone numbers typically have nine digits (except for emergency services and certain short codes) and are composed of a two-digit area code followed by subscriber number. The trunk prefix is 8.[2]

Area codes[edit]

The following are area codes and operator prefixes in Uzbekistan:[1]

Code Technology Type Locality or operator
20 mobile GSM non-geographic OQ (Beeline)
33 mobile GSM non-geographic Humans
50 mobile GSM non-geographic Ucell
55 VoIP non-geographic Uztelecom
61 fixed geographic Karakalpakstan (including Nukus)
62 fixed geographic Khorazm Region (including Urgench)
65 fixed geographic Bukhara Region (including Bukhara)
66 fixed geographic Samarkand Region (including Samarkand)
67 fixed geographic Sirdaryo Region (including Guliston)
69 fixed geographic Namangan Region (including Namangan)
70 fixed geographic Tashkent Region
71 fixed geographic Tashkent
72 fixed geographic Jizzakh Region (including Jizzakh)
73 fixed geographic Fergana Region (including Fergana)
74 fixed geographic Andijan Region (including Andijan)
75 fixed geographic Qashqadaryo Region (including Qarshi)
76 fixed geographic Surxondaryo Region (including Termez)
77 mobile GSM non-geographic Uzmobile
78 fixed non-geographic Various operators
79 fixed geographic Navoiy Region (including Navoiy)
88 mobile GSM non-geographic Mobiuz
90 mobile GSM non-geographic Beeline
91 mobile GSM non-geographic Beeline
93 mobile GSM non-geographic Ucell
94 mobile GSM non-geographic Ucell
95 mobile GSM / CDMA non-geographic Uzmobile
97 mobile GSM non-geographic Mobiuz
98 mobile CDMA non-geographic Perfectum Mobile
99 mobile GSM non-geographic Uzmobile

International dialling[edit]

International call prefix when dialling from Uzbekistan is 00. It replaced the earlier prefix 8~10.


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