¿Dónde estás amor de mi vida que no te puedo encontrar?

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¿Dónde estás amor de mi vida que no te puedo encontrar?
Where Are You My Love.jpg
Directed by Juan José Jusid
Produced by Victor Canardo
Horacio Grinberg
Juan José Jusid
Isidro Miguel
Written by Juan José Jusid
Ana María Shua
Starring Susú Pecoraro
Oscar Martínez
Fernando Siro
Luisina Brando
Jessica Schultz
Music by Federico Jusid
Pocho Lapouble
Cinematography Miguel Abal
Edited by Jorge Valencia
Release date
6 August 1992
Running time
95 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

¿Dónde estás amor de mi vida que no te puedo encontrar? (English language: Where Are You My Love, That I Cannot Find You?) is a 1992 Argentine drama film directed by Juan José Jusid and co-written with Ana María Shua. The film stars Susú Pecoraro, Oscar Martínez, Fernando Siro, Luisina Brando and Jessica Schultz, as well as Vando Villamil in a small role.


The film shows the encounters and romances of several characters who seek love counsel through the eponymous late-night radio talk-show, conducted by Octavio (Siro). Octavio sets up blind dates among the characters, mainly advising Sarah (Pecoraro), a thirty-something loner who is hooked up with Fernandez (Martínez), a shy, introverted man who still lives with his father. Their relationship is chronicled through a series of episodes, involving Martínez' affair with a spiritist (Schultz), Sarah's entanglement with a psychopath and a subplot involving Sarah's strong-willed but ultimately broken and suicidal friend, Tina (Brando).

Sarah, worn-out after so much frustrated relationships and hopeless cases, decides to kill herself and takes an overdose of sleeping pills. Martínez arrives just in time to get her to a hospital and save her, whereupon Octavio happily announces their engagement through the radio.

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