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Lake Ägeri (Ägerisee) at Morgarten.jpg
LocationCanton of Zug
Coordinates47°7′12″N 8°36′58″E / 47.12000°N 8.61611°E / 47.12000; 8.61611Coordinates: 47°7′12″N 8°36′58″E / 47.12000°N 8.61611°E / 47.12000; 8.61611
Lake typeGlacial lake
Primary inflowsHüribach
Primary outflowsLorze
Catchment area4.068 km2 (1.571 sq mi)
Basin countriesSwitzerland
Max. length5.4 km (3.4 mi)
Max. width1.4 km (0.87 mi)
Surface area7.3 km2 (2.8 sq mi)
Average depth49 m (161 ft)
Max. depth83 m (272 ft)
Water volume0.36 km3 (0.086 cu mi)
Residence time6.8 years
Surface elevation724 m (2,375 ft)
FrozenJanuary/February in some winters
SettlementsOberägeri, Unterägeri

Ägerisee (or Lake Aegeri) is a glacial lake in the Canton of Zug, Switzerland. The two municipalities along its shore are Oberägeri and Unterägeri. The main tributary is the Hüribach; the Lorze river drains the Ägerisee. Since 1992 the lake is used as a water reservoir.

The Battle of Morgarten took place in 1315 on the shores of the Ägerisee.

Aegerisee Winter Mostelberg.jpg

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