Æther Shanties

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Æther Shanties
Studio album by Abney Park
Released December 1, 2009
Genre Neoclassical Darkwave / Steampunk
Label Abney Park
Abney Park chronology
Dark Christmas
(2009)Dark Christmas2009
Æther Shanties
The End of Days
(2010)The End of Days2010

Æther Shanties is the 10th album by steampunk band Abney Park.[1] It is subtitled Further Trials and Tribulations of Abney Park. It is also their second steampunk themed album.


According to an interview with Robert the album was 95% done recording when a heatwave hit Seattle, destroying their hard-drive. This event allowed them to add the vocals of their new singer, Jody Ellen, onto the album,[2] but delayed the release of the album for several months.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Under the Radar" 2:58
2. "Building Steam" 4:00
3. "Until the Day You Die" 2:46
4. "My Life" 3:05
5. "Wanderlust" 2:53
6. "Throw Them Overboard" 3:15
7. "The Derelict" 3:17
8. "Victoria" 4:43
9. "Æther Shanty" 2:48
10. "The Clock Yard" 3:26
11. "Too Far To Turn Back" 3:21



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