Çamlıca Hill

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Çamlıca Hill
Çamlıca Tepesi
Bosphorus Bridge, Istanboul.jpg
A view of Çamlıca Hill behind the Bosphorus Bridge.
Highest point
Elevation288 m (945 ft)[1]
Coordinates41°1′39″N 29°4′6″E / 41.02750°N 29.06833°E / 41.02750; 29.06833Coordinates: 41°1′39″N 29°4′6″E / 41.02750°N 29.06833°E / 41.02750; 29.06833
Çamlıca Hill is located in Istanbul
Çamlıca Hill
Çamlıca Hill
Location of Çamlıca Hill in Istanbul, Turkey.
LocationÜsküdar, Istanbul

Çamlıca Hill (Turkish: Çamlıca Tepesi), aka Big Çamlıca Hill (Turkish: Büyük Çamlıca Tepesi) to differentiate from the nearby Little Çamlıca Hill (Turkish: Küçük Çamlıca Tepesi), is a hill in Üsküdar district of Istanbul, Turkey. Situated on the Asian part of the city at 288 m (945 ft) above sea level, Çamlıca Hill has a panoramic view of the southern part of Bosphorus and the mouth of Golden Horn.[2][3]

Public park on Çamlıca Hill

The hill is a popular visitor attraction. There is historical-designed teahouses, cafes and a restaurant inside a public park with monumental trees, flower gardens and fountains, run by the Metropolitan Municipality.[3]

Noteworthy Structures[edit]

Çamlıca Mosque[edit]

Çamlıca Mosque was completed as the largest mosque in Asia Minor in 2019, it is able to accommodate 63,000 people and includes a museum, art gallery, library, conference hall, and underground parking lot.[4]

Küçük Çamlıca TV Radio Tower[edit]

Before 2021, there were numerous radio masts and towers (such as Çamlıca TRT Television Tower) present atop the hill, that caused visual pollution.[5] To prevent this pollution, it was decided by the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to build a new, single tower in Little Çamlıca Hill. The total height of the tower is 369 m (1,211 ft) and includes observation decks and restaurants. Çamlıca Tower was inaugurated on May 29, 2021.[6]


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