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Émile Zuccarelli (Italian pronunciation: [eˈmil dzukkaˈrɛlli]; born 4 August 1940 in Bastia, Upper Corsica) is a French politician from Corsica. He serves as honorary President of the Radical Party of the Left and is a former mayor of Bastia.[1] Before his defeat in the French legislative election, 2007, he was deputy for Upper Corsica.[2]

In the French regional elections, 2004, Zuccarelli led a PRG list in Corsica and came out on top of all of the left-wing's lists. But the lack of dialog between him and another PRG list, led by his rival Paul Giacobbi, prevented him from winning.

Unlike his own political party, Zuccarelli called for a "NO" vote in the 2005 referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe.

Political career[edit]

Governmental functions

  • Minister of Public Service, State Reform and Decentralization : 1997–2000.
  • Minister of Posts and Telecommunications : 1992–1993.

Electoral mandates

National Assembly

  • Member of the National Assembly of France for Upper Corsica: 1986–1992 (Became minister in 1992) / 1993–1997 (Became minister in 1997) / 2000–2007. Elected in 1986, reelected in 1988, 1993, 1997, 2000, 2002.

Corsican Territorial Collectivity

  • Member of the Corsican Assembly : 1998–2002 (Resignation) / March–December 2004 (Resignation). Reelected in 2004.

Municipal Council

  • Mayor of Bastia : 1989–1997 (Resignation) / Since 2000.
  • Deputy-mayor of Bastia : 1997–2000.
  • Municipal councillor of Bastia : Since 1989.

Agglomeration community Council

Political function


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