Île-de-France sheep

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Île-de-France sheep - Paris International Agricultural Show 2011, Paris, France

The Île-de-France is a breed of sheep native to the French region of Île-de-France near Paris. It was first developed at a French veterinary college in the 1830s through crosses of Dishley Leicester and Rambouillet, and was originally known as the Dishley Merino.[1] A breed association was formed in 1933, and it was rigorously tested early on its breeding for meat characteristics and maternal qualities.[2]

Today the Île-de-France is one of the top meat breeds worldwide, and is present in South Africa, Australia and the Americas as well as in Europe. It is primarily used as a terminal sire, but is also occasionally found as a dairy breed in the United States.[2] It's a large, naturally polled breed with white fleece.[3]

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