Île du Port

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Île du Port
Ile du Port-pos.png
The île du Port is highlighted on this Kerguelen Islands map.
Location Indian Ocean
Coordinates 49°11′S 69°36′E / 49.183°S 69.600°E / -49.183; 69.600Coordinates: 49°11′S 69°36′E / 49.183°S 69.600°E / -49.183; 69.600
Archipelago Îles Kerguelen
Area 43.0 km2 (16.6 sq mi)
Highest elevation 340 m (1,120 ft)
Highest point K13 volcano
District Îles Kerguelen
Population 0

Île du Port is one of the Kerguelen Islands situated in the Golfe des Baleiniers off the north coast of Grande Terre, the main island.

It is the fourth largest island in the archipelago (43 km²). The highest point is a volcano named K13, at 340 metres.