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Órfhlaith Foyle is an Irish novelist and poet.[1]

Foyle was born in Nigeria[1] to Irish missionary parents, living there as well as Kenya and Malawi,[1] all of which had a profound effect upon her writing.

She has a Bachelor in Humanities, and is a full-time writer,[1] who has been published in a number of literary journals. Foyle has also lived in Australia,[2] France, Russia, Israel and the United Kingdom, and now lives in Galway, Ireland.[1]

Her publications to date include a novel and a book of poetry. A second novel is forthcoming. Her cited influences include Flannery O'Connor, Katherine Mansfield, Emily Brontë and Emily Dickinson.[1]

Selected works[edit]

  • Belios, Lilliput Press, 2005 - novel[3]
  • Revenge, Arlen House, 2005 - mixed collection[3]
  • Red Riding Hood's Dilemma, Arlen House, 2010 - poetry, nominated for the Rupert and Eithne Strong Award[3]
  • Somewhere In Minnesota, Arlen House 2011 - short story collection[2]
  • Clemency Browne Dreams of Gin, Arlen House 2014

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