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Ďáblova lest (The Devil's Ruse) is a Czech crime movie. The movie was shot in A Benedictine monastery of Saint Václav in Broumov, the Church of Saint Margaret in Podlažice and City Museum, Chrast by Chrudim.


Police detective Sumara investigates a case of a girl that was found smeared by snake's blood. The girl studied archeology and took part in excavations in Podlažice's monastery. She had the number 666 painted on her forehead and a snake on her body. The police enlist the help of Doctor Runa, a specialist in Ocultism. The story involves a Satanist cult and the Codex Gigas.



  • Podlažice's abbey is alluded to in 1159 for the first time. The abbey expired in spring, 1421 when Hussites going in Eastern Bohemia.
  • The film can watch in archive of Czech Television: [1]

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