Đồ Sơn

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Đồ Sơn District

Quận Đồ Sơn
Đồ Sơn District is located in Vietnam
Đồ Sơn District
Đồ Sơn District
Location of Đồ Sơn in Vietnam
Coordinates: 20°42′49″N 106°47′22″E / 20.71361°N 106.78944°E / 20.71361; 106.78944Coordinates: 20°42′49″N 106°47′22″E / 20.71361°N 106.78944°E / 20.71361; 106.78944
Country Vietnam
ProvinceHai Phong

Đồ Sơn is a resort town on the bank of the Gulf of Tonkin, located 22 km away from Haiphong, which it administratively belongs to.

Đồ Sơn was built as a summer resort by the French in the 19th century, after they established themselves in Haiphong.

It has natural area - 31 km2, population - 35,000 inhabitants, administration structure - four wards and one commune, annual economic growth - 16%, economic structure: tourism and services - 67.2%, fisheries and agriculture - 25%, industry - 7.8%.

Do Son is known for a large number of historical and cultural attractions, several beaches besides picturesque hills.

According to official information, it has 52 hotels, 230 restaurants totaling 3,000 rooms. The Franco-Vietnamese school was opened here in 1999 with the aim to hold the training programs, lectures (in French, with simultaneous translation in Vietnamese), workshops, round tables, small group study-sessions etc. The institution also initiates research projects between the two countries.[1]

The resort received 850,000 tourists in 2002.

Đồ Sơn became a primary venue for the 2007 Haiphong Tourist Festival with the slogan "Đồ Sơn – call of the sea", attracting both local and foreign artistic delegations and visitors. The festivities included an International Sculpture Camp, the Đồ Sơn Buffalo Competition, a Fishing Village Open Festival, a youth camp, a beach volleyball competition, a boat race, a waterskiing performance, and an artistic program.[2]


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