Đồng Đăng Railway Station

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Đồng Đăng Railway Station, outside view

Đồng Đăng Railway Station (Vietnamese: Ga Đồng Đăng) is a railway station in Vietnam. It serves the town of Đồng Đăng, in Lạng Sơn Province. It is the last station on the line before the Friendship Pass border crossing with Pingxiang, Guangxi in China. It is not possible for foreigners to board the International Train at the station.[1]

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  1. ^ The Rough Guide to Vietnam 4 - Page 476 Jan Dodd, Mark Lewis, Ron Emmons - 2003 "Make sure to take your passport to the railway station when buying the ticket. Note also that you can only board this train in Hanoi (and not at Dong Dang), though on the Chinese side it's possible to disembark at Pingxiang or Nanning, five "

Coordinates: 21°56′38″N 106°41′50″E / 21.94389°N 106.69722°E / 21.94389; 106.69722