İshak Sükuti

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İshak Sükuti
İshak Sükuti.jpg
Born 1868
Diyarbakır, Ottoman Empire
Died 1902
Nationality Ottoman, Kurdish
Education Medicine
Occupation Physician, writer
Movement Committee of Union and Progress (1889–1902)

İshak Sükuti (1868-1902) was a Kurdish-Ottoman revolutionary,[1] writer and medical doctor by profession.


Sükuti was born in Diyarbakır, Ottoman Empire to a poor family.[1][2] After his graduation from Kulüli Military Medical School, Sükuti registered at the Gülhane Military Medical Academy in Sarayburnu in 1887. He joined Ibrahim Temo, Mehmed Reshid and fellow Kurd Abdullah Cevdet in forming a progressive secret society called Ittihad-ı Osmani Cemiyeti, later known as the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), originally devoted to overthrowing the absolute rule of Ottoman sultan Abdul Hamid II.[1][3] By completing his education, he became a medical doctor. Working at Haydarpaşa hospital he opposed the administration of sultan Abdülhamid II. In 1896 the Ottoman government discovered a plot to overthrow the sultan by CUP members and most of them such as Sükuti were exiled to Tripolitania where he later escaped and went to Geneva, Switzerland.[4] Sükuti along with Abdullah Cevdet published in Geneva a CUP newspaper Osmanlı Gazetesi (Ottoman Gazette).[4]


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