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Şahbulaq is located in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 39°39′11″N 45°08′46″E / 39.65306°N 45.14611°E / 39.65306; 45.14611Coordinates: 39°39′11″N 45°08′46″E / 39.65306°N 45.14611°E / 39.65306; 45.14611
Country  Azerbaijan
Autonomous republic Nakhchivan
Rayon Sharur
Population (2005)[citation needed]
 • Total 564
Time zone AZT (UTC+4)

Şahbulaq (until 2003,[1] Cağazur, Jaghazur, Dzhaghazur, and Dzhagazyr) is a village and municipality in the Sharur Rayon of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. It is located 22 km away from the district center. The village which is surrounded by mountains on all sides is bordering with Armenia. Its population mainly is busy with gardening and animal husbandry. Since 1988 the Şahbulaq village were subjected to incessant armed attacks by the Armenians. But all attacks of the Armenians were prevented by a group of self-defense. The new school has been built and the water pipeline was laid in the Şahbulaq village. There are also library, club and a medical center in the village. It has a population of 564.[2]


Its previous name was Cağazur (Jaghazur). The name was made out from the components of the Cağa (small) and zur (height) means "small hill, small height". The name reflects the geographical position of the area. Since 2003, it was officially registered as Şahbulaq (Shahbulag). The current name of the village is related with the same named spring in the area.[3]


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