When Luck Breaks the Door

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When Luck Breaks the Door
When Luck Breaks the Door (film) poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Tayfun Güneyer
Produced by Vural Öger
Written by Tayfun Güneyer
Starring Ferhan Şensoy
Asuman Dabak
Zeki Alasya
Rasim Öztekin
Music by Patrick Chartol
Jean-Michel Vallet
Claire Michael
Cinematography Veli Kuzlu
Distributed by WB
Release date
  • January 28, 2005 (2005-01-28)
Running time
107 mins.
Country Turkey, Cuba
Language Turkish, Spanish

When Luck Breaks the Door (Turkish: Şans Kapıyı Kırınca) is a 2005 Turkish comedy film, written and directed by Tayfun Güneyer, featuring Ferhan Şensoy as a man who takes his family on a holiday to a Caribbean island at the centre of a CIA assassination plot. The film, which went on general release across the country on January 28, 2005 (2005-01-28), was shown in competition at the 42nd Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. It was mostly shot on location in Cuba.[1]


When Kuddusi Yurdum misses the final answer on the TV gameshow "Şans Kapıyı Kırınca", his family is given a consolation prize: a vacation to Barboonia, a fictional "banana republic" island country near Cuba. They are welcomed there by the country's dictator President Carlos, in order to stop an assassination plot by the CIA.



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