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Škoda 14 T Elektra
Skoda 14 T Praha.jpg
Škoda 14T in Prague
ManufacturerŠkoda Transportation
DesignerPorsche Design Group
AssemblyPlzeň, Czech Republic
Number in service59
PredecessorŠkoda 05 T Vektra
SuccessorŠkoda 15 T ForCity
Capacity69 (Seated)
210 (Standing)
Train length31,250 mm (1,230 in)
Width2,460 mm (97 in)
Height3,400 mm (130 in)
Floor height350 mm (13.78 in)/780 mm (30.71 in)
Articulated sections4 (5 body sections)
Maximum speedlimited to 60 km/h (37 mph)
Weight38.3 t (37.7 long tons; 42.2 short tons)
Steep gradient85 ‰ (8.5 %)
Power output540 kW (720 hp)
(6 × 90 kW or 120 hp)
Wheels driven100% (12/12)
Bogies3 x fixed
Minimum turning radius25 m (82 ft)/20 m (66 ft)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The Škoda 14 T (also called Elektra) is a five carbody section low-floor uni-directional tram, developed by Škoda Transportation for the Prague tram system.

The vehicle's body was designed by Porsche Design Group. The 14 T has six axles, and the low-floor area represents 50% of the entire vehicle floor. Due to specific Prague conditions it is able to deal with difficult adhesive conditions on grades up to 8.5%. It is based on the Škoda 05 T.


As of 2006: 3 trams were produced and delivered to Prague. Prague has ordered 20 vehicles with an option for another 40.

As of 2008: There are about 40 trams delivered to Prague.

As of 2009: The order has been completed in March with a total of 60 trams delivered.


On September 19, 2011, the two-car set ČKD Tatra T6A5 crashed in high speed to Škoda 14 T standing at the tram stop. All three vehicles were decommissioned and accident left one fatality, the driver of Tatra T6A5. Investigation shown that driver's health problems were most likely to cause the accident.

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Inside of Škoda 14T
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