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Şchei Gate in Braşov

Şchei Gate (Romanian: Poarta Schei) in Braşov, Romania, is right next to Catherine's Gate. It was built in between 1827 and 1828 in order to let through heightened traffic. Catherine's Gate was built up then and since then used as storage.

The stone and brick gate built in classical style like a triumphal arch has three openings. The middle arch, shaped for traffic, is larger, and on its both sides there are two smaller and lower openings for pedestrians. The Latin inscriptions on the wall above the small arches let us know the construction date, but they also inform us that the gate was built after the Emperor of Austria Francis I visited Braşov in 1817.

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Coordinates: 45°38′21″N 25°35′11″E / 45.639171°N 25.5864144°E / 45.639171; 25.5864144