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Ani (asomtavruli , nuskhuri , mkhedruli ა) is the 1st letter of the three Georgian scripts.[1]

In the system of Georgian numerals it has a value of 1.[2]

Ani commonly represents an open central unrounded vowel /a/, like the pronunciation of ⟨a⟩ in "father".


asomtavruli nuskhuri mkhedruli
Asomtavruli a.svg Nuskhuri a.svg Mkhedruli letter a.png

Stroke order[edit]


Evolution in Asomtavruli[edit]

Ani evolution in Asomtavruli: 5c.|6-7c.|8c.|9c.|10c.|11c.|12c.|13c.|14-15c.|16c.|17c.|18c.[2]
Asomtavruli letter a (evolution through centuries).jpg

Evolution in all scripts[edit]

Ani evolution in all three scripts[2]
Evolution of Ani (letter).jpg

Computer encodings[edit]

asomtavruli nuskhuri mkhedruli
U+10A0[6] U+2D00[7] U+10D0[6]


Braille A1.svg

Related letters and other similar characters[edit]


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