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The Main Page of the Georgian Wikipedia on 2 May 2008
The Main Page of the Georgian Wikipedia on 2 May 2008
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LaunchedNovember 2003
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The Georgian Wikipedia (Georgian: ქართული ვიკიპედია) is a Georgian language edition of free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Founded in November 2003, it has more than 120,000 articles by 2018.


Origin of edits (Jan/2014 - Mar/2014) Source
United States

Currently it has 3 administrators and more than 73,000 registered users.

In 2019 the Georgian Wikipedia has 65 thousand unique categories and 23.55% of them do not have appropriate page in the category namespace. The average article in this language version has 3 categories, while number of unique categories per articles ratio is 0.509. The largest number of articles has Geography (24%) and History (14%) category. In Georgian Wikipedia articles related to Music and Organizations has the highest average quality. Content about Crime is read more often and articles in Government category have the highest authors' interest on average.[1]


Number of articles Date
10,000 2006
23,000 2008
30,000 2009
50,000 2011
70,000 2013
80,000 2014
100 000 2015

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