Aidan Girt

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Aidan Girt
Also known as1-Speed Bike, Bottleskup Flenkenkenmike, OSB
GenresPost-rock, instrumental rock, electronica, experimental rock
Instrument(s)Drum kit, Percussion
Years active1996–present
LabelsKranky, Constellation, Broklyn Beats

Aidan Girt is a Canadian drummer for the Montreal-based post-rock collectives Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Exhaust. He is also a solo electronic artist under the names OSB, 1-Speed Bike, and Bottleskup Flenkenkenmike and continues to record (with others) in Some Became Hollow Tubes.[1]


In 1994, Girt co-founded Godspeed You! Black Emperor.[2][3]

Girt, along with Gordon Krieger and Mike Zabitsky, formed the group Exhaust; they performed in Montreal for a short time and released a single in 1996. In 1998, the three released a self-titled album and, in 2001, a studio album, Enregistreur.[4][5]

Girt played drums as a guest musician on the debut album of A Silver Mt. Zion in 2000.

As 1-Speed Bike, Girt released a number of solo albums and EPs, including El Gallito in 2004[6][3]

In 2019 Girt began releasing music as a duo with guitarist Eric Quach under the name Some Became Hollow Tubes.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor[edit]


A Silver Mt. Zion[edit]

1-Speed Bike[edit]

  • Droopy Butt Begone! (Constellation Records, 2000)
  • I'm a Pretzel on a Stealth Mission to Kill the President (Broklyn Beats, 2002)
  • Limp Penis (self-released, 2003)
  • El Gallito (Broklyn Beats, 2004)
  • Klootzak Keizer (Broklyn Beats, 2005)
  • Someone Told Me Life Gets Easier in Your 50s (Broklyn Beats, 2005)
  • A Swimmer in the Ocean Is Not Afraid of the Rain (Bully Records, 2006)
  • Pashto Translator Needed (self-released, 2010)
  • This Country is Torture (Bad Panda Records, 2011)
  • Robbery (self-released, 2013)

Bottleskup Flenkenkenmike[edit]

  • Untitled 12" (Toolbox, 2002)
  • Looks Like Velvet, Smells Like Pee (Broklyn Beats, 2002)

Some Became Hollow Tubes[edit]

  • In 1988 I Thought This Shit Would Never Change (self-released, 2019)
  • Keep it in the Ground (Gizeh Records, 2019)


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