14 Weeks of Silence

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14 Weeks of Silence (Четырнадцать Недель Тишины)
Studio album by Zemfira
Released 2002
Genre Rock, Pop
Length 53:20
Label Sony Music Studios
Producer Zemfira Ramazanova
Zemfira chronology
Forgive Me My Love
(2000)Forgive Me My Love2000
14 Weeks of Silence

14 Weeks of Silence is the third album by Russian singer Zemfira which became her second best-selling album after Forgive Me My Love with sales around 1 million copies. In comparison with her earlier albums it showcases softer and more polished sound, with prominent use of keyboards, inspired by work of such bands as Radiohead.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title In English Length
1. "Паранойя" Paranoia 3:56
2. "Трафик" Traffic 4:00
3. "Бесконечность" Infinity 5:01
4. "Мачо" Macho 4:17
5. "Сказки" Fairy tales 4:36
6. "Песня" A song 4:22
7. "P." R 4:00
8. "Главное" The main thing 3:32
9. "Кто?" Who? 2:47
10. "Webgirl" Web girl 4:09
11. "Шалфей" Sage 3:31
12. "Ощущенья" Sensations 4:12
13. "Мечтой" Dream 3:45

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