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The 161st Stanislawska Red Banner Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Mechanised Brigade was a brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, which traced its history to the creation of the 161st Rifle Division of the Red Army in the 1930s.

The 161st Rifle Division was formed in 1940, and became 4th Guards Rifle Division on September 18, 1941. Reformed for the second time in April (or June) 1942 from 13th Separate Rifle Brigade in the Moscow Military District.[1] (The 13th separate rifle brigade had been formed during autumn 1941 in the South Caucasus Military District). Fought at Kursk, in the Carpathians, and in Poland. With 1st Guards Army of the 4th Ukrainian Front May 1945. 24th Mechanised Division by 1955, 99th Motor Rifle Division 1957, then became 161st Motor Rifle Division in January 1965.

For most of the 1980s it was part of the 13th Army (Soviet Union) and its headquarters was located at Izyaslav.

In the late 1980s the 161st Motor Rifle Division comprised:[2]

  • 161st Stanislavskaya Red Banner ордена Богдана Хмельницкого мотострелковая Division, Izyaslav
    • Управление дивизии (1 Р-156БТР)
    • 57-й гвардейский Дунайский орденов Суворова и Кутузова мотострелковый полк, Izyaslav (31 Т-54, 35 БМП-1, 2 БРМ-1К)
    • 313th Motor Rifle Regiment, Ровно (30 Т-55, 3 БМП-1, 2 БРМ-1К)
    • 316th Motor Rifle Regiment, Изяслав (31 Т-54, 3 БМП-1, 2 БРМ-1К)
    • 83-й гвардейский танковый полк, Изяслав (28 Т-55, 66 Т-54, 14 БМП-1, 2 БРМ-1К)
    • 1036-й самоходно-артиллерийский полк, Изяслав (12 БМ-21 "Град")
    • 1067-й Anti-Aircraft Rocket Regiment, Izyaslav
    • 1297-й отдельный противотанковый артиллерийский дивизион, Изяслав
    • 92-й отдельный разведывательный батальон, Изяслав (10 БМП-1, 7 БРМ-1К, 1 БТР-70, 2 Р-145БМ
    • 925-й отдельный батальон связи, Изяслав (8 Р-145БМ, 1 Р-137Б)
    • 336th Independent Engineer-Sapper Battalion, Изяслав (2 УР-67)
    • 660-й отдельный батальон материального обеспечения
    • 184-й отдельный ремонтно-восстановительный батальон

Итого: 186 танков, 80 БМП, 1 БТР, 12 РСЗО

The 161st Separate Mechanised Brigade was formerly the 161st Motor Rifle Division in Izyaslav. But the brigade's 1067th Anti-Aircraft Rocket Regiment, still had a long time in the air defense forces as a separate regiment.

The brigade was still active on 1 January 2001.[3]


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