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List of years in music (table)

The year 1623 in music involved some significant events.


Drum cymbals are made by the Avedis Zildjian Company. Zildjian /ˈzɪlən/ cymbals were created in 1623 by Avedis Zildjian, an alchemist who was looking for a way to turn base metal into gold; he created an alloy combining tin, copper, and silver into a sheet of metal that could make musical sounds without shattering. Avedis was given the name of Zildjian (Zilciyân) by the Sultan Osman II[3] (from the Turkish word zil cymbal, dji maker/seller, -ian a common suffix used in Armenian last names) and began an industry in 1623, the details of whose main product remained secret for generations. It became family tradition that only the company's heirs would know the manufacturing process.

Classical music[edit]

  • Alessandro PiccininiIntavolatura di liuto, et di chitarrone
  • Salamone Rossi – השירים אשר לשלמה (Ha-shirim asher l'Shlomo, The Songs of Solomon), a collection of Jewish liturgical music