1958 America's Cup

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17th America's Cup
Photograph of Columbia on the right overtaking two other yachts.
Columbia (right) in 2011
Defender  United States
Defender club: New York Yacht Club New York Yacht Club burgee
Yacht: Columbia
Challenger  United Kingdom
Challenger club: Royal Yacht Squadron Royal Yacht Squadron burgee
Yacht: Sceptre
Location: Newport, Rhode Island, United States
Dates: 20–26 September 1958
Rule: 12-metre
Winner: New York Yacht Club
Score: 4–0

The 1958 America's Cup marked the first Cup match sailed in 12-metre class yachts. With twenty years having gone by since the last Cup match in 1937 the New York Yacht Club looked for a cheaper alternative to the J-class yachts in order to restart interest in the Cup. In 1956 Henry Sears[1] led an effort to replace the J-class yachts with 12-metre class yachts. The Royal Yacht Squadron of Great Britain agreed to challenge with a new yacht, Sceptre. The New York Yacht Club defended with their new 12-meter yacht, Columbia, winning the Cup four races to none.

Defender Series[edit]

Four yachts competed in a summer long regatta to determine which yacht the NYYC would name as defender in the match. Competing were Columbia (US-16), Weatherly (US-17), Easterner (US-18), and the Olin Stephens designed Vim (US-15) from 1939. Columbia, the new Olin Stephens boat, was chosen as defender after a very close set of races only beating the 19-year old Vim by 12 seconds in the final selection race.

The Races[edit]

Date Course Winner Loser Winning
Delta Score Winner's Velocity
on Course
September 20, 1958 24 nmi (44 km; 28 mi), windward leewarda Columbia Sceptre 5:13:56 7:45 1-0 4.59
September 24, 1958 24 nmi (44 km; 28 mi), triangularb Columbia Sceptre 3:17:42 11:42 2-0 7.28
September 25, 1958 24 nmi, windward leeward Columbia Sceptre 3:09:07 8:20 3-0 7.61
September 26, 1958 24 nmi, triangular Columbia Sceptre 3:04:22 7:05 4-0 7.81
^a Each leg 6 nautical miles (11 km; 6.9 mi); twice around the course

^b Each leg 8 nautical miles (15 km; 9.2 mi); first leg upwind.


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