1958 NFL playoffs

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The 1958 National Football League season resulted in a tie for the Eastern Conference championship between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants, requiring a one-game playoff to be held between them. This conference championship game was played on December 21, 1958, at Yankee Stadium. The winner of that game then hosted the Baltimore Colts on December 28.

Tournament bracket[edit]

  Eastern Conference playoff     NFL Championship
    W  Baltimore Colts 23 (OT)
  E  Cleveland Browns 0     E  New York Giants 17
  E  New York Giants 10  

Eastern Conference championship[edit]

1 2 3 4 Total
Browns 0 0 0 0 0
Giants 7 3 0 0 10

at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, New York City

  • Date: December 21, 1958
  • Game attendance: 61,274

NFL Championship game[edit]

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