1961 South African Grand Prix

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The 1961 South African Grand Prix was a non-championship Formula One motor race held at East London on 26 December 1961.


Pos Driver Entrant Constructor Time/Retired Grid
1 United Kingdom Jim Clark Team Lotus Lotus-Climax 2.06:49.2 1
2 United Kingdom Stirling Moss UDT Laystall Racing Team Lotus-Climax + 15.7 s 2
3 Sweden Jo Bonnier Porsche System Engineering Porsche 79 laps 4
4 South Africa Tony Maggs Yeoman Credit Racing Team Cooper-Climax 79 laps 6
5 Germany Edgar Barth Porsche System Engineering Porsche 78 laps 7
6 South Africa Syd van der Vyver Syd van der Vyver Lotus-Alfa Romeo 77 laps 8
7 South Africa Doug Serrurier Scuderia Lupini Cooper-Maserati 77 laps 12
8 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Sam Tingle Sam Tingle LDS-Alfa Romeo 76 laps 15
9 South Africa Bob van Niekerk Ted Lanfear Lotus-Ford 76 laps 16
10 South Africa Helmut Menzler Ecurie Wolman Lotus-Borgward 75 laps 14
11 South Africa Adrian Pheiffer Adrian Pheiffer Cooper-Alfa Romeo 75 laps 10
12 South Africa Bill Jennings Bill Jennings Jennings-Porsche 71 laps 17
13 South Africa John Guthrie Ecurie Rhodes Cooper-Alfa Romeo 71 laps 19
14 South Africa Don Philp Don Philp Quodra-Climax 70 laps 11
15 South Africa Dave Wright Dave Wright Cooper-Climax 65 laps 21
Ret South Africa Fanie Viljoen G. E. Mennie LDS-Climax Engine 13
Ret South Africa Bill Dunlop Bill Dunlop Cooper-Alfa Romeo Engine 23
Ret South Africa Gene Bosman Scuderia Alfa Lotus-Alfa Romeo Accident 20
Ret South Africa Clive Trundell Clive Trundell Cooper-Climax Ignition 22
Ret United Kingdom Trevor Taylor Team Lotus Lotus-Climax Radiator 3
Ret United States Masten Gregory UDT Laystall Racing Team Lotus-Climax Brake pipe 5
Ret South Africa Ernie Pieterse Scuderia Alfa Heron-Alfa Romeo Gearbox 9
Ret South Africa Bernard Podmore Bernard Podmore Lotus-Ford Con-rod 18
DNS South Africa Bruce Johnstone Yeoman Credit Racing Team Cooper-Climax Accident in practice -
WD Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland John Love A. H. Pillman LDS-Porsche Car damaged -



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