1973 Davis Cup Eastern Zone

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The Eastern Zone was one of three Zones of competition in the 1973 Davis Cup. Australia won the zone and advanced to the Inter-Zonal Zone. [1]

Preliminary round[edit]

Date: 23–28 July

Venue Home Team Score Visiting Team
Jakarta, Indonesia  Indonesia 5-0  Hong Kong
Seoul, South Korea  South Korea 1-4  Japan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  Malaysia 0-3  Pakistan
Penang, Malaysia (grass)  South Vietnam 3-0  Sri Lanka

Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, and Vietnam advance to Main Draw

Main draw[edit]

  First Round
9–15 April
20–22 April
4–6 May
  Tokyo, Japan
  Tokyo, Japan       Japan 1  
    Indonesia 0       Australia 4     Madras, India
    Japan 3           Australia 4
  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (grass)       India 0
  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia       India 4    
    Pakistan 4       Pakistan 0  
    South Vietnam 1  

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