1975–76 Baltimore Claws season

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1975–76 Baltimore Claws season
Head coach Joe Mullaney
Arena Baltimore Civic Arena
Record 0–0
Place Division: n/a (Eastern)
Conference: n/a
Playoff finish n/a
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The 1975–76 American Basketball Association season saw the demise of the Baltimore Claws franchise.


Draft picks[edit]

Preseason transactions[edit]

On August 27, 1975, the Memphis Sounds franchise was dismantled and sold to a group of Baltimore businessmen headed by David Cohan. The franchise moved to Baltimore. It was first called the Baltimore Hustlers but the league objected to the name so the team was quickly rechristened as the Baltimore Claws.[1]

On September 19, 1975, the Claws obtained star center Dan Issel from the Kentucky Colonels, the team that won the 1975 ABA Championship.

The Claws also traded guard Rick Mount to the Utah Stars for guards Joe Hamilton and Tim VanBlommesteyn.

The Claws signed Skip Wise, the 6'3" star guard from Clemson University who the prior year became the first freshman ever to be named First Team All-ACC while averaging 18.9 points per game.[2]

Preseason exhibition games[edit]

The Claws played their first game, a preseason exhibition, in Salisbury, Maryland, on October 9, 1975, against the Virginia Squires. The Squires won 131-121; attendance was reported at 1,150.

Two days later the Claws lost to the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers 103-82 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

On October 17, 1975, the Claws played the Squires again, this time at Knott Arena, Mt. St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Maryland. The Squires won 100-88 in front of approximately 500 spectators.[2] http://www.remembertheaba.com/Baltimore-Claws.html[3]


The Claws only managed to sign up 300 season ticket holders. The franchise constantly had money problems. On October 16, 1975 ABA Commissioner Dave DeBusschere gave the Claws four days to send $500,000 to the ABA league office as a "performance bond" for team operations. While their players went unpaid, the Claws sent $250,000 of this amount. On October 20, 1975, five days before the start of the 1975–76 regular season, the ABA folded the Baltimore Claws.

Regular season[edit]

The Claws folded prior to the start of the regular season.


The above would have been the Baltimore Claws' regular season roster had the team continued into regular season play.

Season standings[edit]

1975-76 ABA Final Standings
Team W L PCT. GB
Denver Nuggets 60 24 .714 -
New York Nets 55 29 .655 5
San Antonio Spurs 50 34 .595 10
Kentucky Colonels 46 38 .548 14
Indiana Pacers 39 45 .464 21
Spirits of St. Louis 35 49 .417 25
Virginia Squires 15 68 .181 44
San Diego Sails 3 8 .273 -
Utah Stars 4 12 .250 -
Baltimore Claws 0 0 .000 -


Player statistics[edit]





Awards and records[edit]




Draft and preseason signings[edit]

Signed Skip Wise of Clemson University to a five-year, $1,000,000 contract[6]


  • Lonnie Shelton (stayed in college)
  • Rich Kelley (signed with NBA's New Orleans Jazz)
  • Terry Furlow (stayed in college)[6]


Dispersal draft:

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