1981 World Lifesaving Championships

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The 1981 Lifesaving World Championships were conducted between 1–3 May 1981 at Kuta Beach on the island of Bali in Indonesia. They were held under the auspices of World Lifesaving )WLS', one of the two precursor organisations to the International Life Saving Federation (ILS). 15 Ocean and Beach events were held purely for competitors representing their club teams. Some 47 club teams participated from 5 countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.


Competition Gold medal icon.svg Gold Silver medal icon.svg Silver Bronze medal icon.svg Bronze
Surf Race Paul Moorfoot (Southport, Australia) Robert Nay (Northcliffe, Australia) Craig Riddington (Manly, Australia)
Rescue Tube Rescue Race Southport, Australia Freshwater, Australia North Cronulla, Australia
Board Race Mick Porra (Coogee, Australia) Bruce Kolkka (Northcliffe, Australia) Steve Warren (North Cronulla, Australia)
Ski Race Murray Braund (Avoca, Australia) Paul MacDonald (Muriwai, New Zealand) Peter McGrath (Northcliffe, Australia)
Iron Man Mark Bennetts (Southport, Australia) Robert Nay (Northcliffe, Australia) Gray Parkes (North cronulla, Australia)
Taplin Relay Southport, Australia North Cronulla, Australia Manly, Australia
Beach Sprint Clayton Kearney (Freshwater, Australia) Warren Peters (Ocean Beach, Australia) Geoffrey Bates (North Cronulla, Australia)
Beach Flags Michael Jones (Redhead, Australia) Robert Pickard (Fremantle, Australia) Mark Walters (Avoca, Australia)
Beach Relay Cronulla, Australia North Cronulla, Australia Swansea Belmont, Australia
Surf Boat Race City of Perth, Australia Coogee, Australia Queenscliff, Australia
Run Swim Run Robert Nay (Northcliffe, Australia) Laurence Reece (Southport, Australia) Gray Parkes (North Cronulla)
Surf Belt Race Paul Moorfoot (Southport, Australia) Chris Gately (Coogee, Australia) Darren Bogg (Freshwater, Australia)
Surf Swim Teams Race Wanda, Australia Southport, Australia Northcliffe, Australia
Dearlove Relay Wanda, Australia Coogee, Australia Northcliffe, Australia
Pillow Fight Dave Clelland (Wanda) Martin Johnson (North Cronulla, Australia) Geoff Hicks (Moore Park, Australia)


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