1988 Swedish motorcycle Grand Prix

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Sweden  1988 Swedish Grand Prix
Race details
Race 13 of 15 races in the
1988 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season
Scandinavian Raceway.svg
Date 14 August 1988
Location Scandinavian Raceway
  • Permanent racing facility
  • 4.031 km (2.505 mi)
500 cc
Pole position
Rider United States Eddie Lawson Yamaha
Fastest lap
Rider United States Eddie Lawson Yamaha
First United States Eddie Lawson Yamaha
Second Australia Wayne Gardner Honda
Third France Christian Sarron Yamaha
250 cc
Pole position
Rider Italy Luca Cadalora Yamaha
Fastest lap
Rider Germany Reinhold Roth Honda
First Spain Sito Pons Honda
Second Spain Juan Garriga Yamaha
Third France Dominique Sarron Honda
125 cc
Pole position
Rider Spain Jorge Martínez Derbi
Fastest lap
Rider Spain Jorge Martínez Derbi
First Spain Jorge Martínez Derbi
Second Italy Ezio Gianola Honda
Third Spain Julián Miralles Honda
Sidecar (B2A)
Pole position
Rider United Kingdom Steve Webster LCR-Krauser
Fastest lap
Rider Switzerland Rolf Biland LCR-Krauser
First United Kingdom Steve Webster LCR-Krauser
Second Switzerland Rolf Biland LCR-Krauser
Third France Alain Michel LCR-Krauser

The 1988 Swedish motorcycle Grand Prix was the thirteenth round of the 1988 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. It took place on the weekend of 12–14 August 1988 at the Anderstorp circuit.

500 cc race report[edit]

Eddie Lawson on pole. Wayne Rainey gets the start from Niall Mackenzie and Didier De Radiguès.

At the end of the first lap it’s Rainey, Lawson, Wayne Gardner, Christian Sarron, De Radiguès, et al. Lawson passes 3 riders on the straight as if he’s angry for his performance at Donington.

Lawson soon through on Rainey and gets a large lead on a group with Gardner, now in 2nd and Rainey in 3rd.

Lawson almost highsides out of first place, but keeps it together to the end. Rainey fades to 5th.

500cc classification[edit]

Pos Rider Manufacturer Time/Retired Points
1 United States Eddie Lawson Yamaha 47:59.280 20
2 Australia Wayne Gardner Honda +13.040 17
3 France Christian Sarron Yamaha +19.340 15
4 United Kingdom Niall Mackenzie Honda +23.450 13
5 United States Wayne Rainey Yamaha +30.080 11
6 Australia Kevin Magee Yamaha +35.450 10
7 Belgium Didier de Radiguès Yamaha +48.620 9
8 United Kingdom Roger Burnett Honda +51.160 8
9 Italy Pierfrancesco Chili Honda +53.330 7
10 United States Randy Mamola Cagiva +59.520 6
11 United Kingdom Ron Haslam Elf Honda +1:00.010 5
12 United States Kevin Schwantz Suzuki +1:02.740 4
13 United Kingdom Rob McElnea Suzuki +1:11.590 3
14 Japan Tadahiko Taira Yamaha +1:22.990 2
15 France Raymond Roche Cagiva +1 Lap 1
16 San Marino Fabio Barchitta Honda +1 Lap
17 Japan Norihiko Fujiwara Yamaha +1 Lap
18 Sweden Peter Lindén Honda +1 Lap
19 Switzerland Marco Gentile Fior +1 Lap
20 Switzerland Bruno Kneubuhler Honda +1 Lap
21 Sweden Peter Sköld Honda +1 Lap
22 Switzerland Wolfgang von Muralt Suzuki +1 Lap
23 United Kingdom Damon Buckmaster Honda +1 Lap
24 Denmark Claus Wulff Honda +1 Lap
25 Sweden Åke Dahli Suzuki +1 Lap
26 Switzerland Chris Buerki Honda +1 Lap
27 Sweden Lars Johansson Suzuki +1 Lap
Ret Switzerland Nicholas Schmassman Honda Retirement
Ret Netherlands Maarten Duyzers Honda Retirement
Ret Spain Daniel Amatriain Honda Retirement
Ret France Patrick Igoa Yamaha Retirement
Ret Italy Alessandro Valesi Honda Retirement
Ret Sweden Thomas Aronsson Nicco Bakker Retirement
Ret Italy Fabio Biliotti Honda Retirement

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