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The 1994 AFL draft consisted of a pre-season draft, a national draft, a trade period and a rookie elevation.[1] The AFL draft is the annual draft of talented players by Australian rules football teams that participate in the main competition of that sport, the Australian Football League.

In 1994 there were 97 picks to be drafted between 15 teams in the national draft. The Fremantle Dockers were given the first pick as they were to compete for the first time in the 1995 AFL season.

1994 pre-draft selections[edit]

Category Player Recruited by Recruited from
Pre-draft selection Nathan Mourish Fremantle Perth
Pre-draft selection Brad Cassidy Fremantle Ballarat U18
Pre-draft selection Daniel Bandy Fremantle Perth
Pre-draft selection Jay Burton Fremantle Subiaco
Pre-draft selection Craig Nettelbeck Fremantle Sydney
Pre-draft selection Anthony Ljubic Fremantle Gippsland U18
Pre-draft selection Neil Mildenhall Fremantle West Perth
Pre-draft selection Peter Miller Fremantle East Perth
Pre-draft selection David Muir Fremantle Nth Melbourne
Pre-draft selection Shane Parker Fremantle Subiaco
Pre-draft selection Luke Toia Fremantle Subiaco
Pre-draft supplementary selections Trent Churchill Footscray Western Bulldogs Reserves
Pre-draft supplementary selections Matthew Blagrove Carlton Carlton Reserves
Pre-draft supplementary selections Chris Curran Collingwood Collingwood Reserves
Pre-draft supplementary selections Brett Chandler Fitzroy Fitzroy Reserves
Pre-draft supplementary selections Matthew Jackson St Kilda St Kilda
Pre-draft supplementary selections Danny Morgan Essendon Essendon Reserves
Pre-draft supplementary selections James McClure Geelong Geelong Reserves
Pre-draft supplementary selections Adam Hilton Hawthorn Hawthorn Reserves
Zone Selection Tim Scott Sydney Albury
Zone Selection Justin Crawford Sydney Tocumwal
Zone Selection Leo Barry Sydney Deniliquin
Zone Selection Jason Akermanis Brisbane Mayne
Zone Selection Travis Edmonds Fremantle Swan Districts
Zone Selection John Hutton Fremantle Palm Beach-Currumbin
Zone Selection Todd Menegola Fremantle Swan Districts
Zone Selection Clinton Wolf Fremantle Claremont
Uncontracted Player Selection Peter Caven Sydney Fitzroy
Uncontracted Player Selection Ben Allan Fremantle Hawthorn
Father Son Selection David Bourke Richmond Central

1994 national draft[edit]

Pick Player Recruited by Recruited from
1 Jeff White Fremantle Southern U18
2 Anthony Rocca Sydney Northern U18
3 Shannon Grant Sydney Western U18
4 Scott Lucas Essendon Geelong U18
5 Joel Smith St Kilda Murray 18
6 Robert McMahon Fitzroy Gippsland U18
7 Tony Brown St Kilda Geelong U18
8 Daniel Harford Hawthorn Northern U18
9 Ben Wilson Collingwood Norwood
10 Blake Caracella Essendon Northern U18
11 Damien Ryan Richmond Eastern U18
12 Shane Sikora West Coast Murray U18
13 Chris Hemley St Kilda Geelong U18
14 Michael Martin Western Bulldogs Hobart
15 Scott Camporeale Carlton WWT Eagles
16 Adem Yze Melbourne Murray U18
17 Carl Steinfort Geelong Centrals Dragons
18 Robert Di Rosa Geelong Western U18
19 Ben Holland Fitzroy North Adelaide
20 Stuart Mangin Sydney Northern U18
21 Matthew Nicks Sydney West Adelaide
22 Winston Abraham Fremantle Perth
23 John Rombotis Fitzroy Centrals Dragons
24 Matthew Manfield Fitzroy WWT Eagles
25 Steven Sziller St Kilda WWT Eagles
26 Tim Elliott St Kilda Gippsland U18
27 Toby Kennett Adelaide Sturt
28 Shawn Lewfatt Essendon Western U18
29 Jason Torney Richmond South Adelaide
30 Chad Liddell Collingwood Southern U18
31 Allen Nash Adelaide Western U18
32 Simon Cox Footscray Glenelg
33 Mark Cullen Carlton Eastern U18
34 Michael Polley Melbourne Northern U18
35 Marty Warry Fitzroy Centrals Dragons
36 Matthew Robbins Geelong Centrals Dragons
37 Ashley Blurton West Coast West Perth
38 Matthew Collins Adelaide Northern U18
39 Stephen Carter Essendon Port Magpies
40 Michael O'Loughlin Sydney Central District
41 Adam White Carlton Eastern U18
42 Douglas Headland Fremantle Perth
43 Dean Matthews St Kilda Bulleen-Templestowe
44 Jeremy Dyer West Coast Geelong U18
45 Gary Moorcroft Essendon Northern U18
46 Justin Charles Richmond Western Bulldogs
47 Robert Ahmat Collingwood Darwin
48 Austinn Jones St Kilda Southern U18
49 Shaun Baxter Footscray Geelong U18
50 Brett Higgins Adelaide Port Magpies
51 Clay Sampson Melbourne South Adelaide
52 Danny Stevens Nth Melbourne Northern U18
53 Mark Orchard Collingwood Ballarat U18
54 Ian Downsborough West Coast West Perth
55 Mark Belleville Nth Melbourne Western U18
56 Ryan Smith Fremantle West Perth
57 Emil Parthenides Sydney Eastern U18
58 Peter Bird Fitzroy Geelong U18
59 Nathan Saunders Hawthorn Geelong U18
60 Brad Scott Hawthorn Eastern U18
61 Stephen Zavalas Collingwood Western U18
62 Justin Blumfield Essendon Tuggeranong
63 Ross Funcke Richmond Ballarat U18
64 Robert Powell Collingwood Northern U18
65 Lee Fraser Hawthorn Western U18
66 Scott Taylor Footscray Geelong U18
67 Tony Bourke Carlton Ballarat U18
68 Luke Norman Melbourne Wangaratta
69 Dean Helmers Geelong Western U18
70 Adam Benjamin Geelong Assumption College
71 Jason Spinks West Coast Sydney
72 Dean Grainger Fremantle Northern U18
73 Sam McFarlane Fremantle Subiaco
74 Troy Luff Sydney Sydney
75 Gerard Jess Brisbane Ballarat U18
76 Todd McHardy Melbourne Western U18
77 Ben Dixon Hawthorn Assumption College
78 Daryl Griffin Footscray Sydney
79 Aaron Hamill Carlton Tuggeranong
80 Ben Atkins Nth Melbourne Glenorchy
81 Tim Allen Geelong Hawthorn
82 Pass Fremantle 1994 NAT
83 Pass Fremantle 1994 NAT
84 Doug Hawkins Fitzroy Footscray
85 Michael Agnello Brisbane Southern U18
86 Shaun Gordon Richmond Murray U18
87 Simon Arnott Sydney Collegians
88 Nathon Irvin Footscray Norwood
89 David Nicholson Carlton Western U18
90 Matthew Joy Nth Melbourne Southern U18
91 Pass Fremantle
92 Pass Fremantle
93 Michael Murphy Brisbane Brisbane
94 Jade Rawlings Hawthorn Devonport
95 Kym Eyers Nth Melbourne Central District
96 Pass Fremantle
97 Pass Fremantle

1995 pre-season draft[edit]

Pick Player Recruited by Recruited from
1 Paul Roos Sydney Fitzroy
2 Greg Madigan Fremantle Hawthorn
3 Pass Sydney -
4 Jason Ramsey Fitzroy Port Adelaide
5 Glen Coghlan St Kilda Kyabram
6 Ross Lyon Brisbane Bears Fitzroy
7 Peter Vardy Adelaide Central District
8 Mark Fraser Essendon Collingwood
9 Stuart Wigney Richmond Adelaide
10 Dermott Brereton Collingwood Sydney
11 Richard Taylor Hawthorn Hawthorn
12 Jose Romero Footscray North Melbourne
13 Matt Clape Carlton West Coast
14 Shaun Smith Melbourne Werribee
15 Keenan Reynolds North Melbourne Footscray
16 Derek Hall Geelong West Perth
17 Paul Peos West Coast Brisbane Bears
18 Anthony Mellington Fitzroy Shepparton
19 Mark Kennedy St Kilda Woodville-West Torrens
20 Shannon Corcoran Brisbane Bears Footscray
21 Tyson Edwards Adelaide West Adelaide
22 Tim Darcy Essendon Geelong
23 Mark McQueen Richmond Woodville-West Torrens
24 Nick Hider Collingwood Camperdown
25 Tony Woods Hawthorn Collingwood
26 Paul Dimattina Sandringham Footscray
27 Glenn Manton Carlton Essendon
28 Martin Heppell Melbourne St Kilda
29 Glenn Gorman North Melbourne Sydney
30 Dean Talbot Geelong East Perth
31 Jason Spinks West Coast West Coast
32 Simon Atkins Fitzroy Footscray
33 Matthew Banks Essendon Eastern (U18)
34 Ryan Aitken Collingwood Southern (U18)
35 Michael Johnston Footscray Hawthorn
36 Alan Thorpe Carlton Footscray
37 Andrew Nichol Footscray Box Hill

1995 uncontracted and concession player selections[edit]

As part of Fremantle Football Club's impending entry to the AFL in the 1995 AFL season, clubs that lost uncontracted players to the new side were allocated a 16-year-old concession selection to compensate them for their loss. These players were otherwise not eligible to be drafted until the following draft. Fremantle and Essendon Football Club arranged a deal where they would not recruit any uncontracted players from clubs below Essendon on the ladder, to allow Essendon the chance to have the first selection in the concession selections, which they used to recruit their future captain and leading goalscorer, Matthew Lloyd.[2]

Uncontracted Player Recruited by Recruited from Concession selection Recruited by Recruited from
Todd Ridley Fremantle Essendon Matthew Lloyd Essendon Western U18
Ben Allan Fremantle Hawthorn David McEwan Hawthorn Northern U18
Jason Norrish Fremantle Melbourne David Cockatoo-Collins Melbourne Port Adelaide
Peter Mann Fremantle North Melbourne Stuart Cochrane North Melbourne Central District
Andrew Wills Fremantle Geelong Adam Houlihan Geelong Murray U18
Brendan Krummel Fremantle West Coast Chad Morrison West Coast Southern U18
Stephen O'Reilly Fremantle Geelong Steven King Geelong Murray U18


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