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The 1997 CFL Draft took place on Monday, April 7, 1997.[1] 48 Canadian football players were chosen from 363 eligible Canadian universities as well as Canadian players playing in the NCAA.[2]

The Ottawa Rough Riders folded following the 1996 CFL season, but any trades involving the club were still in effect. Since the Rough Riders finished last in the CFL, teams that received selections in trades picked first in those rounds, including the first overall pick. Conversely, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats traded their third round selection to the Rough Riders and that pick was subsequently forfeited. All other Ottawa selections were skipped.


  • Hamilton forfeited their sixth round selection after making a selection in the 1996 Supplemental Draft.[1]

Round one[edit]

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
1 Toronto Argonauts (via Ottawa) Chad Folk OL Utah
2 Saskatchewan Roughriders Ben Fairbrother OL Calgary
3 Edmonton Eskimos (via BC) Ian Franklin CB Weber State
4 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Tim Prinsen OG North Dakota
5 Calgary Stampeders (via Winnipeg) Doug Brown DL Simon Fraser
6 Montreal Alouettes Steve Charbonneau DL New Hampshire
7 Calgary Stampeders Jason Clemett LB Simon Fraser
8 Edmonton Eskimos Mark Farraway DL St. Francis Xavier
9 Toronto Argonauts Matthew DuBuc SB Texas Tech

Round two[edit]

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
10 BC Lions (via Winnipeg via Saskatchewan) Robert Beveridge OL British Columbia
11 Montreal Alouettes (via BC) Jerome Pathon WR Washington
12 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Joe Rumolo DL Akron
13 Saskatchewan Roughriders (via BC via Winnipeg) Chris Szarka FB Eastern Illinois
14 Montreal Alouettes Ryan Coughlin OL McGill
15 Calgary Stampeders Jeff Traversy DT Edinboro
16 Edmonton Eskimos Patrice Denis LB Western Ontario
17 Toronto Argonauts Steve Salter OL Ottawa

Round three[edit]

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
18 Toronto Argonauts (via Winnipeg via Saskatchewan) Aldi Henry CB Michigan State
19 BC Lions Paul Stoilen LB Simon Fraser
Ottawa Rough Riders (via Hamilton) Team folded prior to season
20 BC Lions (via Winnipeg) John Partchenko OT Michigan
21 Montreal Alouettes Bruno Heppell RB Western Michigan
22 Calgary Stampeders Frank Rocca OL Eastern Michigan
23 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (via Edmonton) Marice Henriques S Colorado
24 Toronto Argonauts Dave Mudge OT Michigan State

Round four[edit]

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
25 BC Lions (via Ottawa) Bret Anderson P Simon Fraser
26 Saskatchewan Roughriders Mark Raphael CB Ottawa
27 BC Lions Martin Miller-Johnston CB Manitoba
28 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Mark Nohra RB British Columbia
29 Montreal Alouettes (via Winnipeg) Derek Krete LB Western Ontario
30 Montreal Alouettes Ryan Carruthers SB Calgary
31 Calgary Stampeders Uzo Ubani SB Concordia
32 Edmonton Eskimos David Heasman OL Northern Arizona
33 Toronto Argonauts Jayson Hansen OL Texas Tech

Round five[edit]

Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
34 Saskatchewan Roughriders Andre Batson WR York
35 BC Lions Jamie MacDonald OT Northern Illinois
36 Hamilton Tiger-Cats Luc Normand WR University
37 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Jonathan Swift LB Tennessee-Martin
38 Montreal Alouettes Andy Brereton SB Western Michigan
39 Calgary Stampeders Trent Bagnail OL Saskatchewan
40 Edmonton Eskimos O.J. Santiago TE Kent State
41 Toronto Argonauts Mark Giardetti DE Evangel College

Round six[edit]

= CFL Division All-Star = CFL All-Star = Hall of Famer
Pick # CFL Team Player Position College
42 Saskatchewan Roughriders Dan Comiskey OL Windsor
43 BC Lions Kelly Lochbaum LB Northern Arizona
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Forfeit Pick[1]
44 Winnipeg Blue Bombers Wayne Weathers DE Manitoba
45 Montreal Alouettes Francis Bellefroid LB Bishop's
46 Calgary Stampeders Paul Donkersley RB Acadia
47 Edmonton Eskimos Chris Hardy QB Manitoba
48 Toronto Argonauts Kris Kershaw QB Salisbury State


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